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Theatre and Performance Reviews

***** 'Downright magnificent... Grotesque and vivid as a trip to the underworld, in a painting by Breughal or Bosch… full of that vulnerable intensity of relationship our society so often seeks to avoid…'  - The Scotsman (Spend a Penny, The Arches, Directed by Andy Arnold)

**** 'Megan Barker’s text is heady with playful linguistics and confidential asides…gorgeous heartfelt songs you’d be happy to hear again and again… a positive treat.' - The Herald (This Incredible Human Heart Machine, a Personal History, The Arches, directed by Megan Barker)

**** 'A richly textured piece which contains few temporal or spatial boundaries, seemingly slipping between past and present… The dialogue is flawless, shot through with a poetic thread which adds tragic beauty to the frequently harrowing scenes.'  

- The Skinny (Pit, The Arches Theatre Co. production, The Traverse, directed by Neil Doherty)

**** 'Memorably surreal, politically astute... Barker's highly entertaining 60 minute play vividly evokes the everyday desperation of her characters' lives while never letting them off the hook for their own actions... The story unfolds gradually, allowing the audience time to piece together the clues for themselves... One to savour.' - Onstage Scotland (Pit, Arches Live production, directed by Neil Doherty)

**** 'Barker’s spare demotic leaves everything tantalisingly implied in a close-up of everyday madness.'

- The Herald (Tongue Lie Tight, The Arches, directed by Alan McKendrick)

**** 'Most striking of all is Megan Barker’s  'Anaphylactic', a wildly imaginative, gorgeously lyrical story of a woman’s suicidal despair.' 

The Times (Anaphylactic, Soho Theatre, directed by Lisa Goldman)

**** 'A brave and interesting experiment... this troubling new drama conjures up some chilling ghosts of its own – not the same as Ibsen’s, but very closely related, in a way the old man himself might have appreciated'... 

- The Scotsman (Ghosts, A New Version, The Tron Theatre, directed by Andy Arnold)

***** 'Imaginative, surreal and brilliantly executed, Feral expands the idea of what drama is and demonstrates how exciting theatre can be when the people behind it are committed to thinking outside the box'  

- Hereford Times (Gingerbread House, Feral Productions, directed by Estelle van Warmelo)

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